Life–Cycle Celebrant is the new 21st Century Encore Career for Baby Boomers. Celebrants tell their stories. Especially if you are over 50, you've probable had this conversation with your close friend, when you finally made time to get together with them instead of texting: "It's time for a change. I've did it, done it. I've put in my 2O odd years in my job as a (fill in the blank) and now I want a more fulfilling career, one that's both a profession and a pro-passion that reflects who I am at this stage in my life -- and I want to make a living too!" Changing careers to find a more satisfying one is a growing phenomenon. Current Pew Studies report that the baby boomer generation is working past retirement, that's 18 % of the US population, and many are reinventing themselves and are starting "second act" or "encore" careers, a term coined by retirement social innovator, David Freedman, founder and CEO of Encore.org.

A recently article "Encore Entrepreneurs: How Five Late Bloomers turned Big Ideas into Sweet Success", written by Joe Kika, appeared in the Sunday Parade Magazine in newspapers across the US. He posed this question to readers: "Are you ready to forge ahead on your own?", and then listed "Celebrant" as on of the best, new re-careering occupations.

Celebrant? What the heck's a Celebrant you say? And how is it a top career talked about in your Sunday paper and you've never even heard the word before? Life-Cycle Celebrants™ are certified by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, trained to create one-of-a-kind, womb-to-tomb ceremonies to mark the milestones in people's lives, such as: weddings, funerals and baby and healing and transition ceremonies. Celebrants are self employed, they work part time or fulltime and make anywhere between $20,000 to $70,000 annually.

The Celebrant occupation was established by the Australian Attorney General, Lionel Murphy in the 1970’s in Australia and has, since then, taken root and become wildly popular in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Mexico, The Caribbean, South America, Asia and Malaysia. In 50 years Celebrants, globally, have co-created and officiate at millions of ceremonies and most professional Celebrants are over the age of 40 who have reinvented themselves in this new career.

In 2014, New Jersey past a law, signed by Governor Christy, authorizing Certified Civil Celebrants to join the ranks of those legal to officiate and sign marriage licenses in the state. New Jersey is the first state in the US, more regions internationally are expected to follow. Let's find out who becomes a Celebrant and hear their encore success stories...